About us

»Humans have evolved for hundred-thousands of years on planet earth. However, the coming hundred years will decide whether we survive.«

Power One for One – Video Intro

Power One for One is an clean power impact investor with a strong management background and expertise. The organization was founded with a for profit and a non profit entity. Power One for One for profit finances, manages and operates clean energy plants in developing countries and with our non profit entity, the PowerOneforOne Foundation, we fight energy poverty and thus create impact beyond.

We Invest & Empower with goal to spread the “Energiewende” globally and electrify millions of the poorest world-wide at the same time.

Power One for One is managed by an experienced team of entrepreneurial renewable energy and finance specialists who have an established track record of building, operating and optimizing renewable energy projects.

Power One for One focuses on sustainable energy infrastructure investments in growth markets and mainly non-OECD countries.

Power One for One is an initiative of AREAM and GoodGood Ventures to jointly address one of the most urgent global challenges and combines strong asset management and Emerging Markets expertise.

The cause

While 3D prints of human organs are no longer an utopia, self-driving cars will soon become reality and modern science works on methods to stop aging of humans…



  • More than 95% of those living without electricity and modern cooking fuels are in countries in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia, and they are predominantly in rural areas
  • Deprived of electric light, the poorest need to use candles, unhealthy kerosene lamps or fires

The lack of power has significant negative implications for business, education, food and healthcare.