Power One for One focuses on sustainable energy infrastructure investments in growth markets and mainly non-OECD countries.
Power One for One is managed by an experienced team of entrepreneurial renewable energy and finance specialists who have an established track record of building, operating and optimizing renewable energy assets.

Power One for One aims to provide investors with market near returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes. Diversification is sought through balanced technology (technology type, component manufacturers) and geographical exposure.

It therefore meets the needs of investors who socially adequate and market near  returns in a low-yield market environment, and who are willing to accept higher risk than that of traditional buy-and-hold renewable energy investments targeting core OECD countries.

The Case for Renewable Energy Investments in Growth Markets

  • Market near returns
  • No correlation with traditional asset classes
  • Low technology risk
  • Rising energy and electrification demand
  • Increased political and regulatory support
  • Socially responsible investment

Opportunities for Renewable Energy Investment Across Emerging/Growth Markets

Rapid growth in economy and energy consumption in developing countries require an expansion in the power generation market. Conventional energy sources still dominate the energy mix in many countries, however, connected regions frequently suffer from power outages while unconnected areas suffer from the economical disadvantages of limited electrification. The significant cost digression across many proven renewable energy technologies have substantially increased the competitiveness of such infrastructure and have resulted in ambitious clean energy goals and growing policy support. In addition, the rise of storage technologies and more efficient hybrid solutions create a new case for energy independency and allow isolated regions to thrive. Combined with ample solar and wind resources, a very attractive case for renewable energy investments in emerging markets exists.


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